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DNA Nutrition

A Game Changer

•Gym Secrets here at Savina's Secret are delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with innovative wellness start-up, NGX.

•NGX has developed patented technology for personalising nutrition shakes to an individual’s unique needs in a convenient and affordable way.

•Good nutrition is a cornerstone of any health and wellness goal. By creating products that match a person’s diet to their needs,

NGX can help achieve better outcomes–whether you are looking to build muscle,improve endurance,lose body fat or boost immunity.

•Gym Secret’s @Savina's Secret partnership with NGX means we can bring you exclusive offers and benefits not available to the wider public.•How does it work?•The process is simple. NGX send you an easy, at-home DNA Nutrition Test, which you return via freepost along with answers toa couple of questions. The NGX scientists then analyse your sample for 10 days, revealing deep insights about how your body uses and processes nutrients (i.e. protein, fats, carbohydrates and all your essential vitamins and minerals). The process is strictly anonymised and confidential, and once they’re done your DNA sample is destroyed.•

The NGX nutritionists then write your personal report, outlining your ideal daily target for each nutrient, ideal food sources and specific areas of health and fitness that could be improved by adjusting your diet.•Here comes the clever bit.

The NGX nutritionists then create your personalised meal-shake (BodyFuel) using their patented process, blending the shake to meet your specific needs. The shake is made from premium, vegan friendly ingredients and contains zero sugar. Each tasty 35g scoop contains up to 150 calories and two ‘meals’ per day will deliver over 50 grams of protein, plus all your personal micronutrient requirements (anywhere up to 15x the average nutrient reference value amount(NRV). This makes it ideal for use as a meal replacement or supplement (depending on your calorie requirement) across breakfast, lunch and snacks.•Their breakthrough approach means they can provide these ‘personalised meals’ from as little as £2.12 per scoop-which is less than the cost of a sandwich, far more nutritious and with up to 4 hours of satiation, it keeps that ‘full’ feeling far longer

So if your thinking about ways you can up-level your health, wellness and fitness

Here are some reasons why you might want to consider taking a one-time DNA nutrition test to help you up-level in many different areas of your health

1. Discover your caffeine sensitivity

2. Discover food sensitivities

3. Make the transition from diet to lifestyle

4. Discover carbs and fat response

5. Antioxidant needs

6. Vitamin D needs

7. B vitamin needs

8. Be at the cutting edge of science

Our personalised meal shakes, NGX BodyFuel, are here to change the nutrition game.

With 2 scoops providing more protein than 5 eggs , more antioxidants than 100 blueberries , and more omega-3 than a salmon fillet , NGX is your ultimate health and wellness companion.

But we don't stop there! Our shakes are, of course, genetically personalised to your DNA, delivering the perfect amount of vitamins and minerals your body needs for optimal performance.

Say goodbye to generic nutrition supplements and hello to a truly tailored experience.

Just click on our link below the rest is easy

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