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Chalking Up

Choose your pricing plan

  • Pole Class

    1 Class
    • Hoop Class

      1 Hoop Class
      • Pole or Hoop Monthly Member

        Every month
        1 class of either pole hoop or gym weekly
        • Discounted
        • Courses mustn’t run over to the next month
        • Cancellations and refunds not permitted on blocks
      • Open Gym

        One 1 Hour Gym session , door code released on booking please contact to receive
        • One 1 hour gym session
      • Gym Monthly Membership

        Every month
        Choose a discounted period to achieve your goals
         1 day free trial
        • Free trial week
      • Virtual Weigh In

        Every month
        Online Weekly Weigh In with your expert Personal Trainers
        • Supportive online weigh ins like never before , Real results
      • 12 Week Transformation

        This is an exclusive fat loss club that is shattering goals and being buzzed about .
        Valid for 3 months
        • Everything you need to get yourself lean, tone, and lose fat
        • ...anytime you want, from wherever you are.
        • ⇒Unlimited access 24/7 to the exclusive, content
        • ⇒Expansive digital library,exercises with real results
        • ⇒Endless mouthwatering, fat burning recipes and meal plans
        • ⇒Weekly coaching call
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