Life Style Changes

Your Feeling motivated to eat & drink better,exercise more,Make a plan that will guide you on your journey of change

Nov 13

When you decide to take on weight and fitness programme, what do you need? motivation support and like minded people, plus being answerable to yourself and someone. if you try it on your own we all kn
Feb 12, 2018

So I know not everyone is religious. Im not a practising catholic, even though I still refer to myself as catholic. Anyways..... is anyone doing lent? If so what are you planning on giving up? Im giv
Oct 8

Hi everyone, we are planing to go to the Miss Pole Dance UK competition taking place in Crawley on the 6th October. For those interested who are interested we will be flying on Friday evening on the
Feb 6, 2018

So can I save up my Monday to Thursday drinks for the weekend?  a question im asked regularly ,government guidelines say NO! Binge drinking isn’t advisable for lots of reasons, but what they do like
May 4, 2018

So lady S has given us a week of HIIT workouts to do! I love the gym, love the feeling after a great session, I, however am wondering how I am to make it through the week with all this cardio??? 🙈 t