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Pole Coach Training Course

  • 6Weeks
  • 66Steps


Become a Pole Fitness Coach. Pole Fitness Courses Our pole fitness instructor programme is unique, Your trainer has 30 years experience in the fitness industry ,has taught thousands of pupils through all abilities ages and fitness skills, some who have become great Personal Trainers and class teaches themselves . Influences from Boxing /Fitness Strength Training/Anti Gravity Yoga /Dance,& Breath-work training, we will provide you with a comprehensive training structure. 6 weeks Training Train at your own pace and time Own yr unique door code for use of poles Free Gym Membership for 6 weeks Structured easy to follow tutorial Intensive Assessment date tab Coaching Certificate Coaching T shirt Experience improved self-esteem and confidence from the act of helping another achieve their goals, resulting in improved mental health.Pursuing a passion for fitness resulting in : Personal growth Helping others improve health and fitness Better listening skills Effective communication Confidence Motivate and inspire others Patience Empathy Learning teaching skills Earning an extra income Must have a min of 1 year pole experience

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Pole Coach Training Course

Pole Coach Training Course

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