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Sonic Generations Graphics Config.cfg iverdea




in /etc me getting another laptop right now katie11: okay.. then, just do it. is it more complicated then, like, pulling off the housing, the hd, and replacing the hd with a new one? katie11, it's doable. of course, you'll have to repartition katie11: depends. i guess you could replace the video card and install a new driver but that is a lot of work. katie11, but hey, not a real do-it-yourselfer I take it. i.e. not the same person. if i were to do it myself, i'd have to follow instructions, like, remove the hard drive and replace it with a new one? I think you would need to do a clean install of 16.10 katie11. katie11, yes katie11: yes katie11, with the exception of the bios, any hard drive or laptop is plug and play you need to backup your /home and the data on the drive. then make the backup onto a usb disk or hd. katie11: its really not that much work. okay. well, i'll do it in like a few months when i've got everything else lined up, i've been thinking about building a new machine myself i think it's better to do it when i'm not too busy with school. katie11: but why do you want to make it yourself? because i know what i'm doing, i just am a little impatient katie11: ah.. but you haven't done anything like that before. you cant expect someone to do it for you katie11: what if you break it? you will have to reinstall it. katie11, you can do it at the end of the term.




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Sonic Generations Graphics Config.cfg iverdea

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