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Workout Feedback

Create and receive feedback when you log your costom made workouts.provided by expert trainers 

Custom Exercises

An exercise not  easily remembered ? An order or reps or technique ? we can create and upload our very own exercise videos and the click of a button especially for you , Pole or Gym workouts will never be boring 

Create Packages

We create packages of Workouts / Nutrition plans for you to buy 

Click above to bring you to our app,

here you can view our packages ,

fill in your par q  It's easy.

We Motivate update and monitor

our clients with instant feedback

and results through our messaging board.

you can even sync your fit bit to see more progress 

At the click of a button it is as

though we are right at your side ,

Personal Training ,Motivating and monitoring you ,Get the app

its Free ! Its Easy .

    Ask about our




To Lose Fat ,Tone Up

  Become Stronger

  Be more Confident

      Be Amazing

Fitbit Integration

Another level of tracking through step counts, calories burned, distance covered and many more! If you want a specific programme just ask and we can create it for you Be it Gym !Home ! Fitness! Pole or Nutrition 

 Click here to purchase your own personalised programme . It's easy.

 Click here to purchase your own personalised programme . It's easy.

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